The Benefits and Disadvantages to Being A Professional Artist

Professional ArtistWhile many people enjoy painting or drawing for a hobby, many people prefer to keep their interest as just a hobby. However there is a rare breed of people that are interested and wish to become a professional artist. There are many romantic notions that are entertained by the idea of lounging about all day while committing your creative endeavors onto paper or what have you,but there are benefits as well as the disadvantages to being a professional artist.

Consider the following:


  • You can stay home while working on your next masterpiece. You don’t even have to get dressed in a stuffy suit, or be to work at a designated time. Simply show up with your paintbrush, an open mind, and a canvas; and you’re ready to go
  • Your work day constitutes as painting or working on your art project until you’re ready to finish for the day
  • You’re encouraged to experiment with a variety of techniques and creative outlets
  • Your time is your own, and you can do whatever you want within reason
  • No more working for petty minimum wage, you can decide how much you’re going to work for or how much you charge per piece
  • You are your own boss
  • You’re an exception to the few people who are able to turn their passion into their daily job
  • Whenever you receive commissions from people, this may inspire you with new art projects
  • If you’re art piece happens to make it into an art gallery or someplace notable, the pride you feel is an un-expressible.


  • You may still have to work on your art piece even if you’re not feeling up to it
  • Some clients are particularly picky on what they want, which often conflicts with what you see in your head.
  • In order to make a steady paycheck, you have to work on a variety of pieces.
  • Not knowing when your next paycheck will come  has often scared away many potential artists. This will require a leap of faith
  • When the economy takes a hit, people are least likely to want to spend on things that they deem as luxurious including art for Home Furnishings
  • There is plenty of competition, so you must always be one step ahead in order to stand up to the competition.
  • Despite the numerous advantages to being Your Own Boss and fulfilling your passion, outweigh the disadvantages. So long as you’re able to work hard and you have the self-discipline, there’s no greater reward in life when doing something you enjoy, while being your own boss.